There are people out there who are accepting

Like everyone on here 5 months ago I thought that I was never going to meet anybody again because I had herpes. I never had a problem meeting guys But meeting someone who wanted relationship was hard even without herpes.

Since I been diagnosed I have met two guys that were ok with it but neither of them relationship material. my life has evolved around meeting guys online and when I first found out I have herpes I went to an online dating site but didn’t discount meeting someone who didn’t have herpes.

in the last week I was contacted by someone of a herpes dating site and funilly enough he lives in the next street and we met tonight and the good thing is he’s a really nice guy and he wants to see me again and even better he’s a fitness freak like me.

funnily enough for the first time in my life after being single for 15 years and having failed relationships Having herpes has actually giving me potential to meet someone who could be a genuine partner. I guess I’m sharing this herpes story and my point here is that there is no reason why any of us cannot be in a relationship again because I have proven that there are people out there who are accepting of it and you can find someone. so please don’t give up

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