Spokesperson for PositiveSingles – Jenelle Marie

Jenelle Marie is the spokesperson of PositiveSingles.com

Jenelle Marie- the spokesperson of PositiveSingles.com

Jenelle Marie is the spokesperson of PositiveSingles.com. She established The STD Project which is an award-winning independent website and progressive movement. Jenelle Marie is an STD expert who aims to eradicate STD stigma by facilitating and encouraging awareness, education, and acceptance through story-telling and resource recommendations.

Jenelle Marie is also a freelance writer and professional speaker. She writes and speaks about sexual health, safer sex, STD awareness, education, dating with herpes and acceptance.

In a recent interview by datingadvice.com, Jenelle Marie told the website readers, for people who are newly disgonsed with herpes,  the problem of figuring out how — and when — to tell a potential partner about their condition can make finding love seem like an impossible task.

“Who would want someone with an incurable STI?” and a man at the positivesingles admitted that, before finding PositiveSingles, he felt “finding true love was no longer an option.” Herpes dating sites like positivesingles.com skip the awkward reveal by being open from the start.

PositiveSingles is helping to change the story for their users, providing an environment where they can make connections with others and find the acceptance they need to rebuild their lives — and, maybe, find love.

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