All the emotions and lessons I have learned from herpes

I’ve been reading a lot for the past few months and learned a lot from some herpes dating sites and forums. When  I found out I had herpes a few month ago,I felt really down, I would come back and read other people success stories to inspire me. So far I have had 4 OBs and they all were not that bad, it was just a minor skin infection that comes up from time to time. Physically, I was okay but emotionally, it was bad : So here are some things I wanna share with other newly diagnosed people which kinda helped me emotionally.
tell someone you have herpes1. Tell someone you trust. I’ve kept the Herpes secret for some time and it was awful. I’ve disclosed my sister and a few friends, even the ex and turned out that everyone was so supportive about it. It really puts your mind at ease when you no longer have to keep it to yourself. Talking through your concerns can also be a great way to vent and release pent-up tension. Just “getting the problem out” can help you feel better. Not only does it feel great, but it can also give you new insights into what’s happening in your life. Here’s my friend experience from


The first person I told was the guy who gave it to me… then I called my mom, my dad and my two best friends. I’ve been diagnosed now for 8 months and have recently told a few more friends and my sister. No one has treated me different… like, at all. Once people are educated on the matter, it’s no big deal. I’m definitely okay with my status now but I still have my moments when I feel down and I’m able to go to my friends and family I’ve already told about it and they help so much. If you’re asking this because you’re not sure if you should confide in anyone… do! Talking about it helps tremendously. It’s the reason I was able to cope so fast. No one had a negative reaction. And if anyone ever gives you one, they’re not somebody you’d want in your life anyways.


Who did you confide in? Did you tell family or friends? If so what was their reaction and do you regret telling them?


2. Get help from a H buddy. Sometimes you might feel like others wouldn’t know how you feel because they don’t have it. Find a H buddy (view the list of popular herpes dating sites and herpes social support groups), talk to someone with the same boat who can relate to your condition. I’ve met so many nice people on some herpes forums.


3. Keep a journal.  When you’re new to Herpes, the only thing that you can think of it Herpes. It tends to run you down emotionally. Write about it. What makes you feel so bad? Is it the symptoms or the stigma that you have put on yourself? I’ve found that it really helps to write about the good things in life as well. Every time when I’m in a good mood I would write something to remind me and inspire myself so when I feel down I can come back and reread it.


4. Pay attention to your body. It takes time for the body to adjust to the virus, it’s a good time to pay more attention to your body. Learn what triggers your OB. Try new remedies that works best for you. When it does flare up, don’t worry so much about it. Tell yourself that you will beat it next time. I remember every time when I got an OB I would panic and write to Dancer LOL.


Who did you tell when you got diagnosed? Did you tell family or friends? If so what was their reaction and do you regret telling them? Share your experience in the comment section.

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